Spend your time on the important things and achieve your dreams!

Timbu helps you budget your time just like you would budget your money. You can set a weekly budget per project and track time via Toggl Track. Timbu will compare the time spent from your budget and show your progress.

Help shape Timbu!

Timbu is still under development, it has limited features and there's a high likelihood of bugs, but you can already start using it and provide feedback, so that we can add the features you want.


Toggl Track integration

Timbu currently only works together with a Toggl Track account. You can sign up for a free account on Toggl Track. You can set up your projects and track your time in Toggl Track, and set budgets and follow your progress in Timbu.

Set budgets

You can set a budget for each of the projects you want to allocate time for during the week. Timbu will show you how much of your budget you have already spent and how much is remaining.

Set minimum goals

You can also a minimum amount of time you want to spend on a project. Timbu will highlight the minimum, so you can see how much you still need to work on the project to achieve your minimum goal.